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How I Use ChatGPT for Thought Leadership

Love it or hate it, ChatGPT is a game-changer for thought leaders like you. I've been using ChatGPT almost daily for all writing-related tasks, including content creation, proposal writing, e-mail communications and more. Here are 3 ways I use ChatGPT:

1️⃣ Social Media Posts: Whether I'm writing content for LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram, ChatGPT is my secret weapon for effortlessly generating captions. Having said that, it's important to carefully review all text provided by ChatGPT.

To get the best results, provide specific and detailed prompts.

Here's an example: "Write a LinkedIn post under 200 words about (TOPIC). The post is to have at least 3 points. End the post with a call to action for people to download my guide (NAME OF GUIDE)."

Pro tip: Provide ChatGPT with excerpts of your previous posts and ask it to use the same style and tone to maintain a consistent, cohesive brand (See my guide for more on this).

2️⃣ Client Proposals: Say goodbye to time-consuming proposal writing! With ChatGPT's assistance, I craft customized proposals that showcase my expertise. I simply write down my points/offerings and ask ChatGPT to expand/tweak using a more compelling language. I revise and edit afterwards.

3️⃣ E-mail Campaigns: ChatGPT helps me create e-mail content and craft attention-grabbing subject lines. Most of the time, I feed ChatGPT a draft and ask it to polish my writing. If the draft comes back too formal or too casual, I simply ask ChatGPT to tailor it to my needs.

To help you make the most of ChatGPT for thought leadership, I've put together a guide "An Executive's Guide: Using ChatGPT to Amplify Your Leadership Influence." This guide is designed to empower leaders like you with invaluable insights on leveraging ChatGPT to enhance your visibility, establish thought leadership and maximize your impact.

If you haven't already done so, grab your free copy here.

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