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Create a Powerful Profile that Helps You Advance Your Career in 4 Weeks

If you want to advance your career and raise your visibility online, check out my course Invisible To Influential: LinkedIn For Leaders.

This course is self-paced with easy-to-follow videos (with captions) covering 4 do-it-yourself modules that will guide you over a period of 4 weeks on your journey from invisible to influential.

After taking this course, you'll become better equipped to position yourself as a thought leader, attract and engage your target audience and develop an authentic voice online.

You'll emerge having learned how to:

  • Define your personal brand and use it as an anchor for your social media presence

  • Create a powerful LinkedIn profile that sets you apart from your peers

  • Generate impactful content for LinkedIn - and learn when, and how often, to share posts

  • Engage your target audience and stay top of mind with them

  • Gain access to hardly known thought-leadership tools

  • Maximize your impact on LinkedIn through practical tips and tricks!

Get access to 4 game-changing tools and templates to help you elevate your brand:

  1. Blueprint to Crafting Your Personal Brand ($350 value)

  2. Step-by-Step Guide to an Outstanding LinkedIn Profile that Maximizes Your Impact ($550 value)

  3. LinkedIn Profile Checklist ($350 value)

  4. LinkedIn ‘Epic’ Post Generator ($450 value)

For more information about the course and the curriculum, visit my course page.

I help professionals and executives leverage social media to advance their careers and enhance their personal brand. 

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